Marigold Floral Kangan With Jasmine


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A Floral Kangan with Marigold and Jasmine is a traditional Pakistani ladies accessory worn around the wrist. The kangan features a stunning array of vibrant marigold and fragrant jasmine flowers that are handpicked and arranged to create a beautiful floral kangan design.

Marigold flowers, also known as “Genda” in Urdu, are known for their bright orange and yellow color and are considered auspicious in Pakistani culture. They are often used in traditional wedding and engagements ceremonies. Jasmine, also known as “Motia” in Urdu, is a symbol of love and purity and is known for its sweet fragrance and whiteness.

The combination of marigold and jasmine flowers gives the kangan a sense of festivity and celebration, making it perfect for traditional Pakistani occasions such as weddings, engagements parties and festivals. Kangan is lightweight and comfortable to wear and comes in a beautiful gift box for easy presentation.